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Let's get electric.

During Energy ConFusion 2021 there will be several additional events to attend. Read more about them here.

When you sign up, you decide which one/s you want to join.

20 minutes 1-to-1 meetings 

between startups & corporates 


The Great Northern, Skellefteå 

Hello fresh-thinking human!

Together with North Sweden Cleantech we want to create the climate-smart innovation site of the future. We will make it happen by supporting business development of companies in green tech, clean energy and sustainable solutions. Every company wants and needs to become more effective when it comes to finding new materials, technologies, competence, and creating new contacts to expand its business. 

On June 2nd, startups & corporations from across Europe will gather for Adventure Matchmaking 2020.

Will you be part of our Adventure and think outside the box? You could either be a startup looking for pilot projects or seeking customers to validate your concept/product, or a well established company wanting to find possible benefits with innovative startups.

In both cases , this event is for you!

During this event, meet a series of contacts, explore the possibilities to collaborate and innovate together.

Startups will get e-mail alerts for meeting requests from corporates. Corporates will have a station and startups will meet each one of them for maximum 20 minutes. Between and after meetings there will be opportunities to mingle in a friendly environment.


1.30-2 pm      Welcoming & Get ready

 2-4.10 pm    Matchmaking event

 2-6 pm           Parallel mingle 


Ylva Billing, Business Developer, 

Leila Ashrafi , Talent Manager, 



Register to the event and add information about yourself and your organization. You will receive login info to make a profile. The profile should describe clearly what you are looking for and what you can offer to potential partners. 

Send meeting invitations via the platform to those you wish to meet. The matchmaking system takes into account the availability of both participants. Please make sure your schedule is getting full.

You can always check your personal meeting agenda online on the matchmaking platform. The meeting agenda includes information about who you will meet, at what time, and the table number where the meeting will take place.


To make the most of the event, prepare well for the meetings! 

This is how it works:

Adventure matchmaking


The PhD pre-conference is an opportunity for PhD students to present ongoing research in the area of “Future of energy” and to meet PhD students from other subjects working in energy related areas. Presentations target challenges and contributions shaping the future, creating global social benefits, and contributing to a competitive and sustainable society.

Participation includes the full EnergyConfusion conference package including opportunities for dialogues with sponsors like Northvolt,

ABB and Skellefteå Kraft. 

Interested? Please submit a short description of what you would like to present before April 15. 


Phd cnference


Skellefteå Airport, Skellefteå 



If you arrive with the 7 pm flight to Skellefteå, join us straight from the aircraft!


This evening will showcase the future of e-mobility with cutting edge electric racing cars, green transportation solutions and electric motorbikes.

Plus a dinner at the landing field.

Too cool for school!

Ever had dinner at a

landing field? 

Landing field


By the Skellefteå river, Skellefteå 


The evening party on the last day will be epic!


Mingle, meetings and (live) music by the Skellefteå river, what can possibly go wrong? This is a great opportunity to connect with decision makers, companies, innovators and investors.


We will of course provide you with fantastic local beverages, our best mood and a surprise or two!

Dinner Party
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