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Our pre tours are your chance to visit some of the most exciting, green projects in the north which will power the transition to renewable energy.

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All pre tours start and end at Scandic Hotel.


Northvolt was founded with the mission to build the world's greenest battery. With a minimal carbon footprint and the highest ambitions for recycling to enable the European transition to renewable energy. Northvolt's first large-scale battery factory will be established in Skellefteå. As a part of a raw material and mining cluster,  Skelllefteå has a long history of process manufacturing and recycling.


The factory in Skellefteå, Northvolt Ett, will serve as the main production site. The first part of the factory will be completed in 2020 and it will be expanded gradually until full capacity of 32 GWh is reached. Northvolt, Skellefteå municipality and Skellefteå Kraft have created a joint project organisation regarding how the work will be carried out.

Join a visit to Northvolt Ett and get a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities within the project. 

Bus transfer departure 14.30 from Scandic Hotel, Skellefteå



Over the past year, over six hundred people, including the King of Sweden, have come to see Zero Sun up close. Building a house that runs completely on its own solar power is one thing. Trying to succeed in Skellefteå, a place where sunlight is mostly absent for months at a time, is something else entirely.

Zero Sun is Skellefteå Kraft's real-time experiment aiming to make solar technology more accessible . Thus making it another piece in the puzzle to switch Swedish society to 100 per cent renewable energy by the year 2040.


If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere!

Buss transfer 14.00 and 15.00 from Scandic 



Markbygden is Europe's largest onshore wind farm cluster. By the end of last year, the commissioned parts of the wind farms in the Markbygden cluster had a total capacity of 364 MW and deliver green, clean and cheap electricity to the Swedish national grid. The now 122 operational turbines are part of the phase 1 of MARKBYGDEN 1101 which will produce more than 1 TWh per year of electricity. Equivalent to the electricity demand of 40,000 Swedish households (consumption 25,000kWh/year).


Bus leaves from Scandic at 14.30 to Markbygden.


Aprox. 1 hour busride to site (3 hours including transport ) 

Bus returns at Scandic 17.30  


Sara - the world's tallest timber building is located in Skellefteå. The building will be housing venues for arts, performance and literature as well as a hotel. Located just below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Skellefteå has a long tradition of timber building; this was the primary inspiration behind the international competition winning design for the city’s new cultural centre. 

Meeting point is  at Scandic.  Sara is only a 5 min walk away. 



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Finnfors is the first hydro power station on the river Skellefteälven. It was completed in 1908. Beautiful architecture and attractive surroundings coupled with the technology that was modern at that time, made Skellefteå and its industry prosper. Finnfors is now a museum and one of the best preserved power stations of that time.