Program 2021

May 25

Energy ConFusion PhD Conference

The PhD pre-conference is an opportunity for PhD students to present ongoing research in the area of “Future of energy” and to meet PhD students from other subjects working in energy related areas.

2-5 pm

Adventure matchmaking event

at The Great Northern. Here is a great opportunity to network and meet some new people.


2-5 pm

Don’t miss out on visiting some of the most exciting, green projects in the north which will power the transition to renewable energy.



7 pm

Exclusive meetup dinner event at Skellefteå Airport 
Ever had dinner at a landing field?

If you arrive with the 7 pm flight to Skellefteå, join us straight from the aircraft! This evening will showcase the future of e-mobility with cutting edge electric racing cars, green transportation solutions and electric motorbikes. During the dinner talk, listen to the players that leads the transformation of mobility, green aviation and airports.  


May 26

9 am-5 pm

The Energy ConFusion Conference and Exhibition
Full day conference that gathers decision makers, innovators, investors and companies. Together we will unriddle the solutions for the transition to renewable energy needed to fight climate change and reduce our CO2 footprint. 



7-12 pm

Energy ConFusion Dinner Party

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