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Cities will play a key role in the transformation of the energy sector by changing the way they use energy. The development of smart and sustainable cities is a motivator for growth, new jobs and is a productive investment in Europe’s future, leading to a sustainable, low carbon and environmentally friendly economy, as well as putting Europe at the forefront of renewable energy production.


Energy ConFusion's conference 2020 is gathering key stakeholders. Here we  discuss the solutions needed to succeed with the energy transition and to overcome the following challenges when transforming our society. 


The need for sufficient power capacity as our cities transform.

As our society gets more connected and electrified, a threat is rising in cities around Europe, and not least Sweden  –the lack of power capacity. Due to factors such as increased urbanization, the closing of the nation’s oldest reactors and a shift to wind power, the demand for electricity in many Swedish cities is starting to outgrow capacity. Some have already been forced to refuse new connections to avoid blackouts. The development of sustainable cities means that the electricity grid has to adapt to new trends..

Presenters and topics will be updated continuously. 


 Innovating and greenifying the whole system.

The transition from fossil fuel dependency  to a society run by 100 % clean energy means a huge transformation of what we call the energy business. New actors become key players, business models turn upside down and the need for new solutions to be brought to the market is urgent. How can the system respond to the new demands, and is the legislation system keeping up the pace?


Presenters and topics will be updated continuously. 


The need of a massive education transformation for electrification.


The transition to and electrified and carbon-free society will present an enormous challenge to the work force. Old, carbon-based jobs will disappear, and large new demands on competence will arise: to produce batteries, handle energy systems, rebuilding industry and transportation from the ground up. This creates a huge demand of new education programs and the possibility to retrain for enormous groups of blue and white collar workers. If society fails to answer this call, electrification and industrial development will come to a halt, and emissions will continue. But if it succeeds, it will have a massive impact on individual lives, on industry as a whole, and the future of our climate.


Presenters and topics will be updated continuously. 

It's all about the people.

Energy ConFusion is all about bringing together brilliant business people, startups, investors and scientists to discuss electrification, energy storage and smart energy solutions. Focus will be on innovation for the future industry,

solutions to enable a clean energy future. 

These are our fantastic speakers this year. More speakers will be added continuously so do check in here once in a while. 


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Climate reporter at SvD

Moderator Peter Alestig, climate reporter at Svenska Dagbladet, will guide us through the day. He has been monitoring energy issues for several years and has previously held several other roles at SvD, as news director at SvD Näringsliv, sustainability editor and Africa correspondent.

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Director General Svenska kraftnät

Lotta Medelius-Bredhe is Director General and Head of Svenska kraftnät since November 2019. Svenska kraftnät is the authority responsible for ensuring that Sweden has a safe, environmentally sound and cost-effective electricity transmission system - today and in the future. Prior to that, she was finance counselor and Head of administrative department of the Ministry of Finance. She also has extended experience from the Ministry of Finance's budget department, first as a subject council and responsible for energy/climate and business policy. From 2009 she was the departmental council and head of unit and since 2016 also deputy budget manager. Lotta Medelius-Bredhe is a trained civil engineer at KTH in Stockholm.



Founder of Solarcentury

Jeremy Leggett is founder and a director of Solarcentury, currently the fastest growing UK renewable energy company based on international sales, developer and installer of solar in more than a dozen countries on four continents, and winner of awards including a Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation. He is also founder and chair of SolarAid, a charity set up with five percent of Solarcentury’s annual profit’s that endeavours to build solar lighting markets in Africa - itself parent to a non-profit social venture, SunnyMoney, winner of a BITC Unilever Global Development Award.  Jeremy has been described by the Observer as 'Britain’s most respected green energy boss'. 


Manager Boliden Mines Energy Program

Jonas is responsible for the roadmap on how Boliden Mines should lower its fossil footprint. He also coordinates R&D resources and large scale implementation projects. Jonas had a key role in the successful truck electrification project in Aitik. His focus is now on supporting not only Boliden but the whole industry in order to achieve lower carbon emissions using electrification.